More Effective Studying

I spend a lot of my free time studying computer science.  For about a year and half, I spent about 20 hours/week.  Now I am down to only about 10 or 12.

Historically, I typically studied only one item at a time, whereas I had a friend who would do two or three.  I believe his approach to be better and have adopted it.

When you study a single technical book, all items are not equal.  The earlier items provide a required base for the later items; you have to fully understand and recall them in addition to the later material you are studying.  What helps with that fuller comprehension?  Removal and time.

If I read part A of a book and wait until the next day to read part B, my subconscious mind has a chance to process that material and master it.  Thus, coming back the next day makes reading and comprehending part B all that much easier.  It the same science that allows me to suddenly make connections on problems I have been working on when taking a shower.

Sometimes you may be aware of that processing.  For example, some nights I may recall having intense problem solving dreams around something I am studying as my brain forms new neural networks.  This also works for new video games.

Now, I am studying about five different subjects simultaneously.  Not only is the process less taxing and stressful, but I am mastering it more effectively.


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