SOA For Dummies

I very recently took a new job working in an Enterprise SOA environment after having been out of this space for the last three years.  Even back then, I had been working on developing an ESB product set (at webMethods), which is different than being a consumer of an ESB.  For this reason, I thought it would be a good idea to read SOA for Dummies.

I needed a refresher on SOA.  The book was free at Software AG’s (which acquired webMethods) website.  At 100 pages, it would be a quick read.  Finally, I had recently run into Jignesh Shah (one of the authors) who I had not seen in some time.

Apparently there are a lot more politics in an IT organization than I had been aware of (I have had different software jobs, but have never worked within IT).  This book covers a lot of the real world politics around rolling out an SOA organization.   This is not as applicable to my situation given the maturity of SOA at my new job.

A couple of points:

  • Start small, preferably with a single but key project
  • Align reward systems with expectations, above and below, in order to be successful
  • Though written by a lot of SoftwareAG/webMethods people, this book did not seem to be particularly oriented toward webMethods
  • It does not deal with SOA architectures (as it clearly states up front)

Overall, I was not the target audience for this book, but if I was looking to move my organization toward SOA, it would have been a very valuable book.


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